Bio-compatibility Testing


A comprehensive list of 500 common Australian food items from all food groups plus bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products are tested. There are specific additional lists available for Aldi, Woolworths or Coles. Follow-up testing can be done 6 months after the initial testing if required.

There is also a baby’s list which adds another 57 commonly used items for babies, including creams and powders, medications, shampoos, soaps, wipes, nappies, formula, and commercial baby foods.

It is important to note that this hair analysis test is VERY different from common hair mineral analysis testing or any of that kind of test because it involves testing at a much deeper level. Consuming bio-compatible foods/products enhances cellular function, which leads to good organ function, which leads to good immunity and elimination, NATURALLY.


The report includes:

  • Test results for over 500+ items from local supermarkets.
  • Day to day instructions to help you implement the program correctly.
  • General information on the different food groups.
  • 4-week Progress format which you fill out and return. This information is used to assess your progress and make changes if necessary. Your response to the program is individual so we like to follow-up and assist you to gain the most benefit.