About Jayne Sharpham

My name is Jayne Sharpham and I am a Tamworth based naturopath. I have a passion for natural health and would love to help you achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

I have worked in the natural health field for over 19 years as a qualified naturopath and also in health food management roles and in pharmacy. I am a qualified naturopath, western herbalist, and nutritionist.

I completed my studies in May 2006 in Brisbane, QLD, and have recently finished a degree upgrade to ensure I have the most up to date information to provide to you.

Living in the Tamworth area, I love the rural lifestyle and am proud to be helping those with their natural health care needs in this area. I am a wife to Matthew and a mother to two young children who keep me busy alongside my naturopathy work.

What am I passionate about?

Helping people cope with day to day life better.

Having battled my own pyrrole disorder alongside anxiety, food allergies, eczema and adrenal issues, I am passionate about helping others with these issues.

My qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy
  • Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine
  • Advance Diploma Western Herbal Medicine

My special areas of interest are:

  • mental health such as treating depression and anxiety
  • fatigue
  • adrenal burnout and digestion
  • poor thyroid function
  • hormones

I’m passionate about:

  • Herbal Medicine : herbs work synergistically to help our bodies back into balance.
  • Biochemistry and pathology: I love the way nutrients assist each other within the body, the way genes influence nutrition. I love nutritional medicine and using pathology to assist us to ensure we are on the right track with your health.
  • Putting all the pieces of your health puzzle together and putting a plan into place to help you achieve wellness