I thought I would write my first blog post on feeding hungry children healthy snacks.

Feeding children healthy snacks can be tricky. Its easy to fall into the processed food trap when we are busy parents (believe me I understand). I thought I would share some ideas for what I give my own children (they are 8 and 6). These snack foods are additional to their healthy diets of what the family eats and make good ideas for lunch boxes. I’m not a huge fan of baking but try and bake at least once a week a few things for the kids lunch boxes and the majority of time I use recipes from:

My meal planning software which is available with a consultation
Cut out the Crap

The Merrymaker Sisters

Wholesome Child

Or I substitute gluten free flour and coconut sugar instead of regular flour and sugar.

If I use pre packaged food I choose:

Organic brown rice choc bars (organic store)
Plain corn chips or plain potato chips (no additives)
Vegie chips
Plain popcorn

And always include one or both of these:

Cut up vegie sticks
Cherry tomatoes

And rotate these:

Sultanas (organic)
Cheese (you could use lactose free or goat cheese or cashew cheese depending on your child’s needs)
Brown rice crackers and dip e.g. hommos
Olives (yes my kids love these)
Corn/rice cruskits with cheese and tomato/avocado
My kids don’t love nuts/seeds but these are a good snack too (provided school allows these).
Yoghurt (low sugar, no colours)
Frozen berries (organic is better as berries are heavily sprayed- my children love these)
Smoothies for breakfast or an afterschool snack

Boiled eggs are also a good snack/lunch box food too if your child can eat eggs.


The key to packing a child’s lunchbox is to ensure they are having adequate protein in their day (i.e with every main meal) . Protein foods include eggs (if school allows these), meat (leftover sausages or chicken legs/meat are great, nuts (if school allows these), legumes e.g. beans, tofu, tempeh. Protein sustains blood sugar levels and aids concentration. It keeps kids fuller for longer.

If you are choosing breads, use a wholemeal bread which has a lower GI value. I use Organic spelt/kamut bread for my kids.

There is NO GUILT trip in any of this. I am not perfect all the time! Begin by making little changes to your kids eating, which can lead to big changes….e.g. adding in one additional piece of fruit over a sugar coated museli bar.

If you have any wonderful ideas please le me know as we all can do with inspiration!