Nutritionist Consultations

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What does an appointment include?

There are a few appointment options for you. Below is a summary of these and the costings (current Jun 2018). Health fund rebates may apply (HICAPS available for most health funds) .

Nutritionist Consultations (Casey)

Initial Nutritionist consultation (60 minutes)

  • Your full medical history
  • Discussions about presenting condition and desired outcomes
  • Blood pressure reading (adults if required)
  • Nail and tongue diagnosis
  • Zinc tally testing
  • Dietary assessment and food coaching
  • Referral for additional medical tests if appropriate
  • Treatment plan and prescription of recommended vitamins, minerals, amino acids and/or phytonutrients (may be emailed out after your consultation)
  • Bio-impendance machine. It goes beyond measuring weight, but gives us measurements for muscle mass, fat mass, biological age, hydration but also helps us determine the cellular health and the quality of the muscles. It can help us determine ratio % of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water for that individual. It’s a machine for everyone (bar pregnancy, children and pacemaker patients) and can help us determine progress for those recovering from chronic illness and also those interested in wellness and weight loss.

Your investment:
$90 for the hour


Follow up Nutritionist consultation (30mins)

Includes assessment of your diet, supplements, health condition and review testing with the bio-impedance machine if required.

Your investment:
$50 for 30 minutes

Extra costs: you may be prescribed some practitioner only supplements or herbal medicines. These all vary in price. You may also need further pathology or functional testing which is an extra non-Medicare-covered expense.


Packages are a great way to save some money, ensure you are getting everything you need for your health goals with support, whilst also claiming some awesome bonuses.

Please note these packages are available with our nutritionist Casey. Please book in for an initial nutritionist consultation to chat to Casey about your needs. This will be included in the package price, depending on what package you choose.

Detox 4 week Package

Support a happy healthy digestive system and your liver with our 4 week fully supported detox package. Ideal for getting your health back on track.

Package details:

  • 4 week detox
  • 1 x initial consultation
  • 2 x follow up consultations at weeks 2 & 4
  • Essential detox supplements
  • Probiotic
  • Welcome pack and meal plan

Your investment:
$369 (normally $399)
$620 with a food intolerance test (normally $659)
Any other products are additional.

*See T&C below

Weight Loss 8 week Package

8 week fully supported weight loss/health reset package.

Package details:

  • 8 week program
  • 1 x initial consultation
  • 3 x follow up consultations at weeks 2, 4 & 8
  • Phone & email support throughout
  • Welcome pack with meal plan, tea & other lifestyle & wellness vouchers
  • Probiotic
  • Protein powder
  • Recipe book

Your investment:
$489 (normally $517.40)
Any other products are additional.
*See T&C below

Terms & Conditions:
No refunds will be given on the package price. However, if you happen to have an adverse reaction to a product, we are happy to offer an exchange or refund on the product only.All consultations required for your package must be pre-booked at the conclusion of your first appointment, which is included in the package price.A minimum 24 hours notice must be given to change/reschedule any pre-booked package consultations. If you fail to attend any of the pre-booked consultations, without appropriate notice, no refund will be given and we are unable to reschedule these for you.
BOOK with Casey via an “Initial Nutritionist Consultation” to get started with your health goals.



Other services

  • Herbal medicine mixtures
  • Metagenics, BioMedica, Mediherb and assorted quality supplements with prescription
  • Shake It weight loss program
  • Detox program
  • Information on various diets
    For example, FODMAPS, gluten free, paleo, dairy free
  • Food Intolerance testing is available with same day results with Casey on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAYS- please book.

Please note our cancellation policy: Consultations require 24 hours notice of cancellation, failure to do so may result in a 50% fee charge.

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