The Importance of a Healthy Gut & New Testing

The Importance of a Healthy Gut and Introducing the Metabiome Stool Analysis   The human microbiome is composed of bacteria, archea, viruses and eukaryotic microbes that reside in and on our bodies. These microbes have huge potential to impact our health. I was excited to travel to Sydney recently to attend a seminar on the […]

Post Natal Mental Health Support

Post Natal Mental Health   Parenting is such a joyous time, but it is also incredibly tiring and difficult at times. Women may be sleep deprived, they may have had a difficult labour or they may have a very unsettled baby. They may have a pre-disposition to anxiety, fatigue, thyroid issues, iron issues or depression […]

Breastfeeding health

Breastfeeding health Here are some practical tips for aiding breastfeeding health and optimising the health of mum and bub at this time.   I fully understand that breastfeeding is not always possible for some women, and that some may choose not to breastfeed. We need to support a woman whichever way she chooses. Either way, […]

It’s more than what’s in your head….

Anxiety can be more than what is in your head… A recent case study for a young lady with anxiety. In this blog post I want to focus on the role of nutritional genetics on mood and cognition and how we have found some possible reasons as to why this patient has had a hard […]

Women’s stress and common hormonal presentations

A quick guide to common problems seen in clinic and ways we can help ourselves to optimise our hormones… I was recently asked to speak at a ladies dinner in the local town of Quirindi about women’s hormones. I was asked to speak for 10 minutes. That is huge topic to cover in 10 minutes […]

B12 and its role in depression

A vitamin? How can that help depression? Say what? Depression certainly can be a complex area. Whichever way one choses to look at the causes of depression, it is a very complex area. It appears there is no set treatment that works for every person, obviously because the disease is multifactorial in its development and […]


Choosing to be a naturopath….my journey.

Why did I choose to become a naturopath? Yes sometimes I wonder the same. Why didn’t I pick a “normal” job like teaching, or police woman or nurse? But in all seriousness , I enjoy my job and more importantly I enjoy looking after your health. Complex cases in particular are fascinating to me and […]

Children in a classroom

Feeding children a healthy lunch box/ snack ideas

The story of Jayne Sharpham Naturopathics

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